LOVEGANG collective started to rock the scene with their iconic diamond logo and limited edition of shirts and tote bags and correspondent blog a few years ago. Founded by a group of individuals otherwise engaged in music, design, fashion, make-up, photography, film and dance. They are deeply rooted in their scenes and they don’t just acknowledge upcoming trends, they live them and turn them into a colourful happening.

Famous for their exuberant parties, LOVEGANG distinguish themselves with their individual style made up from house, disco, rave, synthpop, freestyle, soul and R&B – class and distinction instead of dumb, monotone beats.

In the end of 2012 they released, together with star perfumer Kim Weisswange, an own, innovative, chameleon fragrance that unfurls differently on the skin of all of you: The LOVEGANG Eau de Parfum.
This Independent Art of Perfume project – a challenge to the monopolization of designer fragrances and a declaration of love for every individual. Sharing the ideals and the love spirit that LOVEGANG celebrates. It is created for all genders; spaceboyz, material girls and dancing queens of the world. The icing of the cake is the flacon’s cap, a work of art designed by master goldsmith Jonathan Johnson. He is well-known for his unusual jewellery and counts a number of stars among his clients.

The perfume song “Let there be Love” together with Kathy Diamond from Brighton/England was released in 2013 on their LOVEGANG musiclabel.